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September 4th ♥ V6's Debut (1995)
20th Century
  • 坂本昌行 (Sakamoto Masayuki) - 1971.07.24 <leader>
  • 長野博 (Nagano Hiroshi) - 1972.10.09
  • 井ノ原快彦 (Inohara Yoshihiko) - 1976.05.17
Coming Century
  • 森田剛 (Morita Go) - 1979.02.20
  • 三宅健 (Miyake Ken) - 1979.07.02
  • 岡田准一 (Okada Junichi) - 1980.11.18

In order to support "Volleyball World Cup", a move that would later become a tradition for the agency, an audition took place, which consisted in playing volleyball. The 6 members who actually did this were then picked to debut as V6. 3 of them were long time juniors, 2 had just recent experience and the youngest had just joined that day. The “V” stands, in words of Johnny-san, for; volleyball, victory, versus, vegetable, bicycle, veteran, among many other meanings. Their debut took place in Roppongi’s Velfarre disco, a move that would influence the Eurobeat sound they begun with.

The name of the younger unit had already been decided as "Coming Century", and the senior unit was debating over naming themselves "V6 Adult Team", fortunately senpai Kondo Masahiko was notified about this and advised Johnny-san to name them "20th Century", to match “Coming Century”. Later, Johnny-san started calling them “Tonisen” and “Kamisen” as nicknames.

Since 2000, they hold the record of the biggest age difference in a group between the oldest and youngest member, a difference of almost 10 years. Last week it was announced, their variety "Otoko no Hensachi" will have its final episode this month and they’ll start a new one next month on TBS named “Gachi Gachi V6”.

Happy 17th Anniversary! 幸せな17周年記念!


Okada: ”Don’t stare at Ken, he’s mine…”

Matching ears :3

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Tokyo Tower 2 (by Nekokan1)

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